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Video Conferencing


Video Streaming Products

Starbak Torrent VCG
The Torrent VCG is a Video Conferencing to Streaming Media Gateway device. The VCG can extend the reach and time of video conferences by making the content instantly available over the internet.

Torrent VCG

Starkbak Torrent VSM
The Torrent VSM system is a virtual services manager that allows all management functions to be performed by an authorized administrator through a secure connection using a standard web browser.

Torrent VSM

Starbak Torrent CEA
The Torrent CEA is a network accessible Windows Media “content encoding appliance”. The CEA is used to simplify the content capture and publishing process.

Torrent CEA

Starbak Torrent OSA/SDA
The Torrent OSA is a streaming origin server appliance.  The Torrent SDA is a stream delivery appliance that is used to optimize the quality and cost to deliver video streaming and large files to users.

Torrent OSA/SDA

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